Loving during COVID-19

Updates on the way we change during the lockdown.

Calyn Pillay
3 min readMay 9, 2020


🌹: I have had the privilege of watching David work. Usually, we go to our different offices and the stuff we spend a considerable amount of time on — our careers — only share with each other over evening dinners.

Lockdown has changed this. I’ve gotten to see and hear David work. Seeing how conscientious he is about solving the problems that arise, collaborating with others and struggling on his own craft to produce something, has been a gift. It has helped me understand his work as a developer and also as a partner appreciate his work’s place in his life.

📌: I have felt inadequate during the lockdown. There is a global pandemic that I am in, yet in some ways, it feels very far. There are people who need help — like food, shelter, patients that need care, healthcare workers that need rest, decision-makers that need data and its analysis.

I’m not saying this to undercut staying at home and social distancing — that is the most useful thing we ‘citizens’ can do. However, in moments of crisis, we can all challenge ourselves to find alternative ways to help.

Some things I’ve considered:

  • I volunteered on my University COVID-19 programme (along with 500 other health science students).
  • Spending time with family and friends (being mindful to check in on their mental and physical health).
  • Share only verifiable information.
  • Donating clothes to a shelter.
  • Joining an ongoing COVID-19 project.

🌱: There are new things to learn. Trying to understand COVID-19 from a biological process (what is the virus? what are the symptoms ? what are the co-morbidities?); public health perspective (what is the prevalence, risk, rate or odds ratio of the virus?) and the economic perspective (what are the potential effects on the economy?).

Here is some content I’ve found useful:

Thank you to everyone who has produced content trying to help us understand this ‘problem unique to our times’.



Calyn Pillay

is a MSc Med (Bioethics & HealthLaw) candidate at Wits. Interested in Effective altruism, Human Rights and Parity.